Research Paper of Broken Family

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Scope and Limitation

The scope of this study focused on issues and problems surrounding students of STMA. This research was limit and conducted only at the school campus during the final grading period of the school year 2011-2012. The respondents of this study were the fourth year students from the different section and classes of the school. The instrument used in this study it’s the question and answer type of an interview, wherein Co students with different status in life are asked to answer certain questions with Regards to their family background, academic performance and their influences, Broken Family in particular as the main issue of influence, Furthermore, Different organization in this community were also asked for a quick interview. The fact that STMA boasts of Numerous awards in the performing arts, sports and academics serves enough information to arouse our curiosity. This study also hopes to establish whether being Part of broken family influences makes student a leader, a troublemaker, or a nuisance to the school.

Chapter II : Related Literature

The selection and influence has historically been ignored in research on proximate broken family influence. Many studies attributes similarities among family to family and not to selection processes. According to the study by sociologist Chris Menning has revealed that children of separated or divorce parents do not simply absorb parental resources as sponges absorb water. Rather, they gather and interpret information about their parents, dodge question, engineer images of themselves, party parents. Maneuver between households and cut ties parents with parents in effort to exert their own authority and to secure their individual identities. The study found that adolescents used several strategies in this effort, in order to manipulate their parents, including moving from one home to another. Children often move into the other parent. Cutting one parent completely out of the teen’s life. This allows the child to control when and where they have contact with that parent. A study conducted by Linda J. Pfiffner, Keith McBurnett, and Paul J. Rathouz for the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology indicates that children in homes with absent fathers are more likely to suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder, Child Conduct Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The study further concluded that no "reduction in child antisocial behavior is associated with acquiring a stepfather." [Pfiffner, L., McBurnett, K., Rathouz, P. (2001) Father Absence and Familial Antisocial Characteristics. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.

Going through a broken family is a very difficult situation to be in. Usually it is what is happening between the parents, that concerns most people. However separation on the couple that is going through it, the students end up with the greatest amount of problems. These problems that the students develop are not always obvious, and do not always come to the surface right away. Children often try to stop being broken family, but there are many who seem to accept it at first. These who seem to accept it may even tell their parents that they are happy about being broken family. This is not necessarily the case, as one would see if he or she spoke with the child for a while. There are many things that being broke does to a family, and there are many things that is does to the child. These effects are rarely positive, or helpful depending upon the family’s prior situation. Broken family has many negative effects on the psychological, and social aspects of a child’s life. 

There are many psychological aspects of a student’s life that change when his or her parents go through a separation. As previously mentioned by the writer, an students may not show initially how he or she feels about the broken...
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