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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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dvertising is a form of communication in which companies promote their products and services in order to convince consumers to buy or patronize their goods. It is used to help increase the sales of the product, familiarize the consumers of a particular brand, inform people of changes in an existing product and to introduce a new product to the market. Advertising is also closely related to selling and they are barely inseparable. Their only difference is that: when a person advertises by word of mouth and by personal contact, it is called “selling”, but when we sell or try to sell by printed word, we call that “advertising”. Advertising really plays a part a big part in the success of a business. Companies spend large sums of money for the advertisements of their goods and services. In 2002, almost $236 billion was spent on advertising in the United states alone and $500 Billion worldwide. (“Advertising”,n.d.,par.3) That’s how serious advertising is in the world of business. Advertising is very common to every marketing organization, they use advertising as a way to build sales and profits for their business. They look advertising as a form of communication in which they can promote or have a continue transactions with customers and consumers. Advertising used to help increase the sales of the product, familiarize the consumers and inform people. Advertising is also often directed to trade channels to influence wholes-sellers, distributors, or retailers to stock or promote the brand. Advertising is value primarily for its ability to enhance or improve the sales of the product or service advertised. Advertising has evolved into a very complicated and complex art. It has gotten so huge that it has developed various types and variations. Print, outdoor, broadcast, covert and public service advertising are just some of its examples. Promoting products with the use of newspapers, magazines and other print media is a part of advertising. Next is the outdoor advertising, it is where you make use of billboards, kiosks, tradeshows and events in promoting a product. Broadcast advertising is another popular medium in advertising in which makes use of the television, radio and the internet. Covert advertising is a unique method in which a product or a brand is subtly or sometimes evidently showcased in entertainment shows like movies and television shows. Lastly, the public service advertising is a technique that makes use of advertising as an effective communication medium to convey socially relevant messages about important matters and social welfare like energy conservation, political integrity, deforestation, poverty, illiteracy and so on. (Manohar, n.d.par.7) Advertising has greatly influenced the society: from a producer directed to being consumer – driven technological advances and economic growth through increasing sales. Using videos to boast sales, videos to boost sales, videos often speaks louder than words. Youtube demonstration featuring ordinary products have attracted many of viewers online. Getting noticed doesn’t required slick production from a personnel studio. Even companies are using videos to produce an entertaining demonstration about the products. There is one company named front point Security Company become successful in using videos demonstration to expand its pool of customers. Sales marketing nowadays are using different technology to boost their sales. ( Joyner, p.81) Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, social media has been very useful not just in communication but also in marketing. With the emergence of Facebook, twitter and mobile technology it became faster and easier for the advertisers and celebrities to share their thoughts and opinions about they are endorsing. People involved in advertising know how much it is necessary to always search and...
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