Research Paper- Nfl Saftey

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Fifty thousand dollars for a bone crushing hit. Is that too much or to little? Some say it is too much and others say it is too little. Is it taking away from the game we all know and have grown to watch? Yes indeed it is. Everything wrong with the system can be addressed. The NFL believes in player safety. Is there such a thing as to safe? Well when you are getting paid millions of dollars to provide a tough game it is. Some say money is the route of all evil…well take a look at how the NFL is making a lot more money off of players alleged illegal hits. In a live game situation players are going full tilt and the NFL should not fine them for most of the hits they do fine for.

First, the NFL is out for money, money, and more money. Most viewers do not play football themselves, but as a fan watching the game and someone who plays a pickup game on occasion most can tell when a person’s body is at full tilt at someone it is very hard to stop yourself. If a player is running and they hit someone a millisecond late, and look like they didn’t see the player dropped it right away or throw the ball as they were diving at the quarterback there should not be fines given. For example, James Harrison a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers has been fined over one hundred thousand dollars and the season isn’t even over. “Pittsburgh's James Harrison was tagged for 75,000 dollars while New England's Brandon Meriweather and Atlanta's Dunta Robinson will lose 50,000 dollars apiece.”; (QTP "NFL to Suspend... np).

Jones 2
This was just in one week that the NFL fined three players for their illegal hits. This happens almost every week. Think of how much money the league is making off these players. Harrison has been guilty of late hits a few times this year and most of the time they were not deserved. A hit on Drew Brees earlier this season where he was fined 20k was a hit where he may have deserved it but if you see the video he does not drive Brees to the ground...
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