Research Paper: Knife Sharpener

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  • Published : January 12, 2014
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As an engineer I created a preliminary design for a knife sharpener. This knife sharpener is unique with different parts to it to cater to more than one blade. It is an important invention to keep the blades of different varieties of knives sharp so they can work properly and efficiently for any use. Knives are designed in very specific shapes to carry out certain tasks. There are many different grind styles that can be found which cater to soft or hard food. Especially dealing with food, it is important to cut the right amount and also for a certain cutting style. This sharpener will ensure the knife has an even edge to produce a clean cut.

There are a lot of criteria that is put under consideration to design a unique blade sharpener. It must be understood that there are many sizes of blades so a sharpener cannot cater to one size. Therefore there are different slots for different blades. The process of how to get a good sharp blade is also put under consideration. The sharpener I designed has three parts to it. It contains a coarse part and fine part along with a sharpener which can be used for shears. The coarse part is used to pre sharpen the knife. This part prepares the blade edge for last part of the sharpening process. The fine part of the knife sharpener adds the finishing touches to the blade. It cleans it up ensuring the edges are smooth and sharp. The shear sharpener is for tools such as scissors. There is a double opening on the sharpener for the shears part. When it is being sharpened the shears must open so it gets an even shape on both blades. This sharpener will make the blade sharp enough to cut to precision yet strong after multiple sharpening. Over time the blades of knives become blunt and do not cut as well it did. Sharpening a blade regularly the wrong way will eventually wear out the blade. Blades sharpened by this sharpener will cut through fibers and thick materials making knives work more conveniently for people. This knife...
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