Research Paper: How Facebook and Myspace Affect Communication in the Physical World

Topics: Social network service, MySpace, Facebook Pages: 5 (1932 words) Published: November 10, 2011
Communication is in the process of changing itself. It will always do this and always has throughout due mostly to technology and the way we see ourselves but at this point in time there a revolution occuring. The beginnings of this new change in communication took place through the Internet. It started out simply as email and instant messaging. This has been around for over ten years. Though an advanced form is in the works. It is people communicating by means of Web 2.0. Web 2.0, is the name for the massive forms of new communication of Myspace, Facebook, and other Social Networking Sites. People go on these sites, not just teens anymore, and interact with fellow networkers. It might have been cute and nice in the beginning but now some are getting addicted and living in these worlds that are technically extensions and some are even fantasy such a Now I could write for months about these topics and sites but I would like to narrow it down to two websites on one topic. This is an informal paper in the sense that its methodology wouldn’t bode well with those of the social sciences. Also, I took surveys and they weren’t all random so from a statistical standpoint it is not a true sample. At the same time, I feel those I have chosen are from a wide range of “Myspace and Facebook backgrounds” though in this paper I generally found that Myspace has been eliminated among my social peers and is almost obselete. Though it still has credence. Alot can be explained why Myspace has failed among my peers when compared to Facebook. I and most of my peers fit the hegemonic group she explains(Boyd 2007).

I asked seven questions to my subjects and there were also follow up questions when those who were interviewed gave answers that provoked me to probe deeper in this search. I tried to interview thirty subjects but only about twenty were willing to give honest answers. Some declined to even take the survey for they refused to think about prior situations pertaining to the matter or they were scared their names may be revealed in this study. This is not the case and only those who gave permission will be noted on a name basis in this. I found that Facebook and Myspace had huge impacts on people’s lives and many checked them multiple times a day to see what other’s were saying or to check pictures. The impacts were both negative and positive. Some expressed a feeling of regret because of overuse and others told me that they expected to use it for a long time based on its ability to communicate with family and friends who are a distance away. The majority of the interviewee’s had mostly viewed these social networking sites as positive but there was an element of disgust, drama and negavitity.

I started out asking respondents “how do you think Facebook and Myspace relationships affect your relationships in the physical world?” Not all of them understand the question. I believe that was because the physical world threw them off. Once I rephrased it or explained in a causality statement they quickly understood and provided answers. While a few believed these relationships had absolutely no impact on their real relationships many believed it did. The majority cited drama that occured with other people that transferred into the real world. Possibly there boyfriend or girlfriend would have something written on their wall that irritated the respondent or visa versa. That would then cause a fight in the physical world. They felt many times this drama wouldn’t have occurred if it wasn’t for the possibility of having Facebook and/or Myspace. Don Mainardi of Elmwood Park, NJ said, “This girl wrote ‘hey hotstuff’ on my wall. My girlfriend quickly saw it and she was angry and jealous for a while. She always thought that girl was trying to cheat with me on her for the remainder of our relationship.” The other response I seemed to receive was that friends and family who lived far away were able to...
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