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Final Project – Sales Presentation - Role Play
Presentation Date __________Presentation Time _______

Commercial/Industrial Sales Presentation or Group Sales Presentation

I. Product Info:
1. CM Twin
2. Twin sized memory foam Comfy Mattress
3. We are targeting organizations such as residence halls, hotels, furniture stores, college students at the dorms, and any business that needs a large amount of mattresses.

II. Your Company information – Sales Person
1. Comfy Mattress Company, Bozeman, MT, We are a bulk selling mattress company only. 2. To provide a home away form home with a comfy bed
3. CM Line(ComfyMattress)
4. Northwestern states

III. Your Competition
1. Who is the competition? Bobcat Mattresses, Mattress King, Sleep City, Wholesale Mattress, SLumberland, Mattress Factory, all large mattress company. Product/Company 2. What type of competitor? Direct we have lower prices due to a bulk discount with a similar quality, we are also offering free delivery. 3. What advantages does the competition have over the product/company you represent? Other companies are importing their mattresses while we are a local company buying materials from the source. They already have a relationship with residence life. They have higher capital because they have higher prices. 4. What advantage does the product/company you represent have over the competition? We are a local company, we are a green company, we offer free delivery have lower prices with high quality,

IV. Client/Buyer Info: Prospecting
1. Residence Life, Montana State University,
2. where living and learning come together to provide students with a "home-like" environment as they navigate their academic career 3. This meeting is with: Residence Life, Tammy Brown, Director of Residence Life (company, person, position)

4. Why have your selected this company as a potential buyer of your product? We have sold to other...
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