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  • Published : March 15, 2012
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Recklessly in Love.

In Barbara Graham’s “The Future of Love”, she says long-term fairy tale romance inspires true love believers and their perspective towards love itself. Graham expresses the idea that to her, a lot of relationships fail because both partners in the relationship fall in love with an idealistic view of who the other person is. She explains that couples jump into relationships thinking their significant other was this perfect image they made him/her out to be only to come to realization that it was a figment of their imagination. Graham also defies the sappy happy endings that she says everyone believes in since heartbroken romantics oversee a lot of the incompatibilities and faults in a relationship to make it more romantic for them. In our society, it seems that people who are not with a significant other will eventually go through her outlook in love. Not being in perpetual affection with somebody apparently makes one to constantly yearn for attention. Although many rhetorical strategies are used and her assessment has many valid points, there are still some aspects that can be disputed.

One of the rhetorical strategies that Graham uses to support her thesis is narration. In the beginning of the story, she tells the reader about her assumed but descriptive experiences with love. In the introduction of the story, Graham tells the readers about her fictional wedding picture with full description as if it was existent. Posing as an example to set a more relatable comparison to those in her situation, she pinpoints every detail of her so-called “first ‘wedding’” (Par. 1) Besides focusing the attention on just herself though, in the picture taken at her “faux nuptials in Miami Beach” (Par. 2), she directs the spotlight light on her groom who looked as if “he’d rather be swallowing worms” (Par. 1) Following that statement, Graham provides more of her early experiences with love and that’s when invalidity comes in that the fact she assumes...
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