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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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Patrick PinaNovember 21,2011

Over the past few decades, we as the people have come across the controversy of illegal drugs. Countless research has shown that drugs impact people every day. Yet, drugs do not only impact its users. The usage of illegal substances has caused and economic downfall to all of its users. The government has tried many methods to solve the pandemic of illegal substances. Overall drugs do impact society in numerous ways.

Like in every, nation money has placed a big part on everybody’s life. Without a stable economy, many problems will arise. Drugs overall, have created countless problems towards the economy. In fact, an article called “How do drugs effect society” by Marie. In this article she states "In 2000, 161 Billion, $ 100 billion in lost productivity, $12.9 billion in healthcare costs, $35 billion in other coasts, such as agencies that work to stop drug use." Overall, a lot of money has been spent to try to prevent drug use or to rehabilitate drug user. Which is harming the economy when a lot of the money could of have spent on other relevant things that can benefit the world and its people. But in order to benefit other things one have to start with one self. And that what these officers try to accomplish. "Tracing the flow of narcotics profits laundered through banks and other businesses. Officials are hoping to receive a $10 million federal grant for the operation, but Giuliani vowed the operation is going forward with or without federal funding" MARZULLI, JOHN. "WASH. HEIGHTS DRUG DRIVE. "Http:// .18July1996.Web. clearly is proving that it dose try to take a lot of money, time, and effort to try to solve the every day problem of drugs that people are seeing.

Speaking of people; seeing drugs can affect the people and their surroundings. An article have been write by Get Smart About...
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