Research Paper-Defining Success

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Jasmyne Hutton
Mrs. Applegate
English III, First Hour
14 December 2011
Defining Success
Everybody wants to live the American dream. People strive for nice cars, fancy clothes, great big houses, and pretty much everything between. The number one priorities in life should be family and happiness. As long as a person is happy with their life and enjoys their career despite the money, a person is successful. When you have changed somebody’s life in great ways then a person is also considered successful. Success is viewed differently amongst every individual and has been changed throughout each generation.

Realizing what is important in an individual’s life is very necessary. In order to be successful a person needs to have self-confidence and know what matters to them most (Kwan). Being successful is about feeling accomplished. When an individual feels good about themselves and what they do then they are successful. If a person does not like their career no matter how much money they make, they will not feel successful or be happy (Seger). When a person does what they love and realize what is important, a person should feel successful. Being happy is an important quality everyone should feel in life. Without happiness an individual has failed entirely.

People should not let their disabilities get in the way of learning and living. Even with disabilities a person can become successful. When Helen Keller was a child she said that she was going to college. Despite her disabilities she still had the will to do something with her life and become successful and she did (“Helen Keller”). In order to be successful one needs to be a good leader and do not let fear be an obstacle on the road to success (Harper). Helen Keller was both deaf and blind but she did not let her disabilities be an obstacle in life. Most people would fear stepping in public with such disabilities. They would feel like they could not go any further in life and just give up all hope. Helen...
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