Research Paper Cheating in School

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  • Published : September 2, 2012
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Cheating in school is a mind-deteriorating problem growing at an extremely fast rate that needs our attention in order for it to be stopped once and forever. Cheating occurs mostly because of two main reasons: pressure and parental expectations. Copying in homework and during tests is two of the principle ways of cheating. The worst of cheating is that students are so used to it that happens almost on a daily basis. Another sad part of cheating is that people that cheated in school are likely to continue cheating throughout their whole lives. Everyone needs to cooperate and end this horrendous problem.

Some of the main causes for cheating are pressure and parental expectations (Psychology Today, 9). In a world like todays, the majority of students are competing to get scholarships for their higher education due to the expensive tuitions universities demand. In order to get the scholarships, students must achieve a tremendously high GPA. Students are competing for high grades to get into a leading college with a scholarship, so cheating seems tempting when all the hard work accumulates (Current Events, 3). Less work for the same grade, and sometimes even higher. Other students may cheat to build an impressive resume for some other reason (Current Event, 3). Students also work incredibly hard to keep up what their parents expect of them. Parents expect a lot from their children. They may even pressure their children to get good grades or else they will be grounded, spanked, etc. Students, being saturated with work, see cheating as a helping hand to keep up with their parental expectancies. Peer Pressure also contributes to cheating (Psychology Today, 9). Students see other classmates cheating and getting away with it. If everyone does it, why shouldn’t?

Students have become surprisingly smart and have found a way to cheat in almost everything they need to do. Homework is the most basic thing in which students cheat. Students don’t do their homework because they...
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