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  • Published : December 12, 2011
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Charles Darwin and his Impact on Science
Charles Darwin was a scientist, specifically a naturalist, in the mid to late 1800’s. He proposed many theories to the world of natural science that were later proven to be laws, which shows that he had a huge impact on the science world. His two most important advances were the Theory of Evolution and the Theory of Natural Selection. He also studied the importance of Genetics. Darwin’s ideas have also had issues with religions, but they have still been proven to be correct. I did all of my research on the internet, and was very intrigued by what I found. I learned a lot by doing this paper, and I am still continuing to learn. I chose to only use Internet research because it had the most information and was the most easily accessible. The internet is full of scholarly journals and other websites that are present so that you can learn information. Charles Darwin and his studies are very controversial, so there are endless amounts of information about him and what he did, especially here. This internet research led me to a journal named Genetics, which I have continued to read even after the research for this paper and the annotated bibliography. This research enabled me to learn and inform a lot about Charles Darwin and his advances in science. His theory of evolution explains what we have been puzzled by for centuries, which is how we humans came into being. This theory states that all human, animal, or plant came from common ancestry (Wikipedia). Darwin’s theory of natural selection states that the better, more advanced traits in a population become more popular than the lesser traits (Wikipedia). Natural selection plays a huge part in the role of evolution. This is because in order to evolve, the being needs to have a better trait to evolve into. For example, the human toes have adapted so that we can walk steadily on a surface. Darwin also studied genetics, however he did not make nearly as much progress as his...
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