Research Paper (Chapter 1)

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Nokia Pages: 3 (751 words) Published: June 21, 2012
Chapter 1

Technology made a huge impact on the changing world generation. The rise of this technology gave an easy and hassle free work between and among humans. The investors develop these technologies to serve people. The technology can perform tasks that make the work easy with a little time consumed. Because of these technologies, some companies and establishments are using machines while others are still working manually.

As the technologies grow, gadgets became popular. Cellphone technologies are the gadgets that dominated the 21st century to help people communicate. This technology is rapidly growing and so are the mobile users. Mobile phones or cellphones are one of greatest inventions by human. It changed the way people communicate and express their selves. Back then, people are just using cellphones for communications. Now it is an all-in-one device that plays a role in wireless communication.

Year after year, most cellphone users in the Philippines carry their phones with them every day. Also, they used their phones to exchange SMS messages more frequently than any other people in the world. Thus, the Philippines was named as the Home for the Top SMS Senders in the World.

Project Context

The Amandari Cove is one of the resorts that serve rooms, cottages, conference hall and dining area reservations. It is a new establishment and they still don’t have computerized system for reservation which can be useful for business purposes. That is why the researcher decided to make this study. This will show that using the manual reservation have more disadvantages than advantages. In using manual reservation, the personnel can get a fast response and can hear the caller’s voice. But it slows the process of reservation and has a low in security. When searching and retrieving records, it may be difficult or hard to find. There might also have a possibility that the records will get lost or a possibility of duplication. The...
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