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Research Paper

There are several advantages of pursuing a career in bartending, because

bartenders get the best rewards. They make the money, and get to do what they

love, while having fun! Overall, there are several advantages to being a bartender.

What is it bartenders do exactly? A bartender is a person who makes and

serves alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks behind a bar.

( . A typical bartender

could perhaps just start there day just by simply cleaning the bar, or checking for

supplies. They are in charge of making sure they have enough aupplies to use

through out the day. A bartender is also responsible of the customers around them

who are drinking. A bartender should always know when they can cut someone off

and how to deal with people who are under the influence! Bartenders can never be

rude, and have to act mature about any problem or situation.

On any average night, a bartender would usually expect to make at least $15

to $25 per hour. If they're working on a night that's busy, they could make up at least

up to $100 per hour! ( A

bartenders earnings usually depend on their expieriance. Making good money like

this, could really help out in the long run. But if you really want to make the big bucks

then you need to work full-time. The bartenders thatusually work full-time, get

benefits. Sometimes the can even get health insurance, paid vaction time, and sick


Statistically, about one third of individuals only work part-time! Mostley

bartenders work the nights, weekends, and especially holidays. Some seasons are

much more busier than others. The times the bar get busier, could give the

bartender more hours to wrok, which means more money in your pocket!

In order to persue a good career in the bartending buisness, then you need

to have a good...
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