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  • Published: March 9, 2014
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Submitted by: Maviel Ann A. Villarino VIII-SS2
Submitted to: Mrs. Linsangan


The Life, Struggles and Victory of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino


The Researcher wants to dedicate this to the people who help the Researcher to do this, to the people who always beside of the Researcher, to the people who always supporting the Researcher. Especially to the person who is making effort just to encouraging the Researcher. To the Friends of the Researcher who always help the Researcher.

The Researcher would like to dedicate this Research to the Researcher’s family that always cheer up the Researcher and to Almighty God for giving the strength and skills to do this Research Paper.


The Researcher wants to give the dearest thanks to the people who support and help the Researcher in writing this Research. First of all, to the Researcher’s Parents who provide the needs of the Researcher in doing this, second, to Mrs.Linsangan for making the right from mistakes of the Researcher, last, the Researcher wants to give special thanks to the Friend of Researcher for always giving a support.

Of course, the Researcher wants to acknowledge the man of everyone, God.


Many have said that “The Filipino is dying for”. As a citizen of this Nation, Filipino people must contribute to the Philippines in preserving the Democracy. Filipinos are interesting people and known for their hospitality.

Benigno Sevillano “Ninoy” Aquino,Jr. (Nov.27,1932-Aug.21,1983) was a Philippines Senator, Governor of Tarlac and an opposition leader against Former President Marcos. Ninoy was assassinated at the Manila International Airport (NAIA) upon returning home from exile in the United States. Ninoy death catapulted his widow, Corazon C. Aquino, to the limelight and subsequently to the Presidency, replacing...
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