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  • Published: November 24, 2013
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Witch Trials vs. Satanic Child Abuse Scare
The Witch trials first began in south-eastern France in the fourteenth century. That wasn’t the first time Witch’s were noticed. There have been beliefs in witches since the ancient times like the quote from the Hebrew bible and even Israelites believed witches. So did The Babylonians and the Romans but it wasn’t till the sixteenth and seventeenth century till it became almost like an outbreak. When it was at its peak it spread all over Europe even to the colonies. If someone thought someone practiced witch craft or looked like they could be a witch they would rat them out to the church. They thought witches were bad because they thought they were devil worshippers and how they would test them to see if they were witches was really unfair. Sometimes they would tie them to a rope and throw them into water and if they floated then they were witches but if they sank or drowned then that proved that they were innocence. Eventually it died down because people started to realize how badly they were convicting people and then church finally realized some people were convicting other people maybe as a cover up of something they did or the church would convict people so people believed the witch was causing a unknown thunderstorm or something. Satanic child abuse started in right here in the United States around the 1800’s and then eventually started spreading around the world. Finally around the 1900’s is when it started to subside. Satanic child abuse was the abuse of kids which they could have been physical or sexually abused but what made a satanic child abuse and not just child abuse was that is was done my cults that supported the devil. They also could have been done as satanic rituals where they would sacrifice them. The worst people thought it was, was that it was a worldwide conspiracy theory where children were abducted or bred for sacrifices, pornography and prostitution. It finally stopped because people were...
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