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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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“কিছু রাত স্বপ্নের” “কিছু স্মৃতি কষ্টের” “কিছু সময় আবেগের” “কিছু কথা হ্রদয়ের” “কিছু মানুষ মনের”। -৭৪৫ “Ya Kareem” “Ya Raheem” “Ya Hameed” “ Ya Baseer” “ Ya Khadheer” “ Ya Jabbar” “ Ya Latheef” “ Ya Aleei” “Ya Habeer” “ Ya Aleem” For Allah 10 name. Send it to 14 people, not to me and see magic in 7 days. If ignored, 7 years bad luck definitely. You get what you want. This is not a joke……….. Wishing you & your family a very “Happy Eid Mubarak” with love & best wishes. May Allah filed your life with lot of happiness like this eid. Remember me in your prayer. …………..-745 The recipe of friendship: 1 cup of sharing, 2 cup of caring, 3 cup of forgiveness, Mix all of these together to make friends forever…….Mollah FNF: 01672028176, 01674237437, 01674943841, 01675624572, 01717806003, 01723229163. A = Allah, B = Bismillah, C= Calima, D= Dua, E= Eman, F= Faraz, G= Gebrael, H= Hajj, I= Islam, J= Jannath, K= Kibla & Kaba, M= Mohhammad Nabi = (Sall), N= Nabuath, O= Ozhu, P= Pak Pobitro, Q= Quran, R= Rahmath, S= Sunnah, T= Towaba, U= Umar, V= Vithur, W= Wakthu, Y= Yaseen, z= Zakat. Send it to 9 muslim. Allah must be give u good thing. Plz don’t avoid it. ………………..737 Kemon Aso ? Jibon ar ontim porjai a asa ami bujta parsi ja tumi sile nisok moricika sara ar kisu na ! Ja buja jai kintu apon kora pawa jai na. Ami tomak valobastam tumai nea ghor badhar sopno dakhtam sobi silo amar Paglami. Ami tumar kasa payasi obohala ar protarona. Monar bagan a ja full tumi futiya sile pani na dia sob abar mara falle keno ? …………Shaon Valobashar majhe such ase, Valo thakar majhe santi ache. Dure thakar majhe tan ache. Mone rakhar majhe pran ache. Tai mone rakho……………..Reza “And He gives you of all that you ask Him: and if you count Allah’s favors, you will not be able to number them………….. The Holy Quran [14:34] I am grateful to Allah for a friend like you………..737

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