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Topics: Cannabis, Hemp, Psychoactive drug Pages: 4 (1607 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Zakiya Green April 27, 2013

Medical marijuana can have positive effects and negatives effects. There drug also has great history People what to know, what are the benefits and hazards of medical marijuana? They also want to know how it all started to get to this point. I think that medical marijuana can be a good choice and bad choice. In today’s society millions of the U.S citizen used marijuana. Marijuana is a plant it is also known as the cannabis plant. The reason why people used this plant, they may consume it as a legal or illegal drug. Marijuana is known to be an issue. A people are giving information on why they are for it or against it. The topic about this drug affects everyone throughout the nation. The nation spends almost millions of tax dollars and marijuana drug war. The truth about marijuana needs to come out. People need to be able to cast their opinion on whether the negativity or positivity effects of it weigh out the other. Marijuana has a lot of historical background. Marijuana was cultivated and used by people throughout the world. Marijuana was first discovered in china 2700 B.C. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians had their own use for it. They used it for illness and Europe also know about the herb. Many believed that Aryans invaded India and took the hemp seeds with them throughout Europe and the Middle East. In Germany around 5500 B.C archaeological evidence of the hemp seed was found. In 3000 B.C marijuana was consider a textile. The Greek historians used the hemp source for manufacturing of line. Marijuana was once of the first crops for agriculture war. The crop was considered to stronger than bamboo. Historians believe that Scythian used the seed oil hemp to cleanse and purify their selves. In the war between North America and Great Britain they used hemp supplies that came from Russia. During the renaissance period the artist canvases made of hemp....
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