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Topics: E-learning Pages: 6 (2054 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Saigon South International School

Online courses for students:
A brighter way for the future

Nam Nguyen

English 10
Mr. Markowitz
7 May 2013

THESIS: Online studying has positive effects on students.
I. Online courses are convenient.
A. One of the big advantages of an online course is that your class is available 24 hours a day. B. The only thing a student needs in this courses is a laptop (desktop) and this student has access to the Internet. C. Students can study everywhere they want and enjoy the comfort in that place. II. Studying online offers flexibility.

A. E-learning allows students to work at their own paces. B. Online courses avoid schedule conflicts.
C. E-learning has instant playbacks and reviews.
III. Online courses have financial benefits.
A. Online courses are less expensive then universities, colleges. B. Online courses will also save the transportation costs. IV. E-learning helps students to be more responsible, develops self-control, adapt with Internet skills. A. Online courses is a challenge for us because we can work with it anytime, as a result students tend to be procrastination and they will have to change themselves in order to have a good result in online courses. Students will have to be discipline with themselves and be responsibility to managing their time. B. Studying, interacting and communicating through online courses can help in learning Internet skills a student needs in a technology world. C. How to be successful in an online course

V. Online studying develops stronger due to the growth of technology, online courses are better for students A. Online courses and how it is rise.
B. Online learning, the way of the future.

Online course for students:
A brighter way for the future
Years and years ago, it was really hard for students to study and do their homework at home. The reason was, obviously, because they were not being able to study really well with just books from school and knowledge from their teachers which they could forget. In my generation, everything is much easier with the help of technology, to be more specific, online studying. Studying online allows people to study via the Internet. Knowledge are now available online, the place where everyone can access easily nowadays with any electronic device. In this way, students can maintain their knowledge better and students can also study more effectively. But everything has two sides. Many people think that studying online is not a good way to study because it goes against the traditional classroom style. But no generation is the same as the one that preceded , this new generation is a technology generation and as a result online education has positive effects on students. Tom Snyder the president of Ivy Tech Community College said: I strongly believe that the future of higher education lies with online learning. Increasingly, colleges and university students now find themselves with other obligations beyond that of getting a degree. Jobs and family commitments make equal demands on their time. Having the option of taking online classes and studying on their own time is critically important. At the same time, many state institutions are unable to accommodate all those who want to take classes on campus, escalating the demand for online learning. How it is convenient?

The biggest advantage of online course is that this course is always available to students. Students can study every time they want; everywhere they feel comfortable as long as that student has a laptop (desktop) and access to Internet. Classes are designed to access anytime so students can complete their classwork and have conversation with teachers and classmate day or night. You can access note, lessons, review knowledge, take quizzes anytime you want. Students can...
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