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Topics: Teacher, Education, Lesson plan Pages: 3 (1135 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Angie Navarro Castillo
Mrs. Whitehurst
Composition I
12 March 2013
Guardian of Civilization
Ever since I was a kid, I always said I wanted to be a teacher, the president and in my free time I said I would be a model. Years later, many things have changed. I know I will not ever be a model. However, my passion towards learning new things and help others to learn has not changed. I figured out that my vocation is to be a teacher. Teaching is a beautiful career that allows us to share our knowledge with others and help others apprehend and discover a new world. According to Bertrand Russell, "Teachers are the guardians of civilization;" and guiding civilization is hard; therefore, being a teacher is hard, but it is okay because it is not impossible. In order to be a certified teacher in Arkansas there are some requirements you need to complete first. For example, a bachelor’s degree or higher; you also need passing scores on the exams praxis I, which are usually taken before entering a teacher preparation program and this tests reading, writing and math basic skills. Praxis II, are more advanced tests of teaching skills and subject area content knowledge, they are usually taken while the person following the teaching career is already enrolled in the preparation program; praxis III, this part focuses on the teacher’s performance in a class setting, he/she is evaluated while giving a class. Finally but not least, a criminal background check. Mr. Donald Bruce Webb is music and science teacher, he once was my music teacher, I learned so much from him. I never thought I could play the piano and in a few classes I was able to play some melodies. Mr. Webb agreed to be interviewed by me for this research paper. He has been working for over 25 years; therefore, he can share his experience with us. He said, “The best part of this job is seeing the kids every day and music”. Not everything is perfect though, after working 25 years he only makes $44,900 a year before...
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