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Topics: Law, Orlando Sentinel, Crime Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Shynice Poole
March 24, 2013
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Trayvon Martin a seventeen-year-old boy shot and killed by George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman says that Trayvon attacked him. In this essay, I will tell you why I disagree with the stand your ground law. In 2012 the stand your ground law was a main attraction in Florida. The focus was really put on this law after Trayvon Martins death. Jeb Bush adopted the ground law in 2005. The Florida bill and several other laws in different states categorize and put it with what’s called the Castle Doctrine. This is a law that also lets you use legal force. Castle Doctrine used to mean that you could attack someone that was in your home. Now “stand your ground” not only freed the homeowner to retreat it extended the concept outside of the home. I disagree with the stand your ground law because it is as if the law is allowing criminals to get away with murder. In Florida the stand, your ground law sometimes is a failure because it inhibits convictions for different violent assaults and murders. To be honest I had no idea that this law even existed until the tragic incident with Trayvon Martin. What makes me disagree with the law even more is that George Zimmerman says that Trayvon Marin attacked him and started to shoot at him but from a number of sources it states that Trayvon was not armed. The law states that if you are being attacked or feel like you are in danger, you do have the right to kill the person. Even though the stand your ground law helps people in life threatening situations, but to me it also gives a person a reason to kill innocent people and say that they tried to harm them. According to the news reporters, the Trayvon Martin story went like this: He was on the phone with his girlfriend walking back in the complex where he had been staying. He had told his girlfriend that somebody had been following him and he started to run. Trayvon got away from the man, which turned out to be Zimmerman. Trayvon stopped...
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