Research Paper

Topics: Value added, Waste, Food Pages: 30 (9813 words) Published: April 7, 2013
My acedamic research paper

A Research Paper
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements
For the degree of
Masters of Science in Technology Management

Dr. Shaojun Wang
Dr. Khaled Bawaneh

Department of Industrial and Engineering Technology
College of Science, Technology, and Agriculture
Southeast Missouri State University

March 22, 2013
I sincerely thank the Department of Industrial and Engineering Technology of Southeast Missouri State University for providing me the opportunity to research in the field of lean manufacturing. With immense pleasure, I thank Dr. Deepak Gupta, graduate program coordinator and advisor, for his sustained enthusiasm, motivation, creative suggestions and exemplary guidance throughout the course of my research. Special thanks to Dr. Shaojun Wang and Dr. Khaled Bawaneh for providing me with their input, valuable time and motivation for the work I was able to do. My gratitude to Trevor Sumner, marketing director at Chartwells and Ron Ruppel, Olive’s Supervisor for their patience in providing crucial information and allowing me to continue research at Chartwells. One special thanks to my parents, who were selfless in giving me the best of everything. Last but not the least; I thank my friends who have been encouraged all the time.

Table of Contents
List of figuresVII
1.1.2 Wastes2
1.2 Conceptual Framework3
1.3 Problem Statement4
1.4 Purpose Statement4
1.5Research Questions4
1.6 Definition of Terms4
1.7 Significance of the Study5
1.8 Summary6
2.1 Introduction7
2.2 Food wastage8
2.3 Value stream mapping11
2.4 Summary12
3.1 Introduction13
3.2 Value stream mapping13
3.3 Data collection15
3.4 The current state map15
3.5 The future state map18
3.6.1 Takt time19
3.6.2Lead time19
3.6.3Cycle time19
3.6.4Value-added time percentage19
3.6.5 Non-Value-added time percentage19
3.7 Summary20
Conclusion, Discussion, Implication, and Recommendation21
4.1 Conclusion and Discussion21
4.2 Example23
4.2.1 Layout chart25
In figure 8, the layout chart for all processes are mentioned.25
4.2.2 Process flow chart25
4.2.3 Information flow26
4.2.4 Current state map27
4.2.5 Lead time28
4.2.4 Value added time29
4.2.4 Cycle time31
4.2.5 Gantt chart32
4.3 Analysis33
4.3 Findings33
4.2.6 Future state map34
4.2.7 Gantt chart36
4.2.8 Takt time37
4.3 Discussion38
4.4 Suggestions40
4.5 Summary41
5.1 Recommendations for Further Study42
5.2 Conclusion42

List of tables
Table 1: Identified waste from Trim Trax22
Table 2: Monthly waste identified from Trim Trax22
Table 3: Data of each process30
Table 4: Data of each process without slicing process31
Table 5: Data collected after value stream implementation38

List of figures
Figure 1: Physical layout example13
Figure 2: Basic value stream map example14
Figure 3: List of icons used to draw maps16
Figure 4: Current state map example17
Figure 5: Example of future state map18
Figure 6: Monthly waste comparison chart23
Figure 7: Olive’s physical layout24
Figure 8: Layout chart for all processes25
Figure 9: Process flow chart26
Figure 10: Information flow27
Figure 11: Current state map of Olive’s pizza production28
Figure 12: Cycle time for each process in current state31
Figure 13: Gantt chart32
Figure 14: Future state of Olive’s pizza production35
Figure 15: Gantt chart I36
Figure 16: Gantt chart II37
Figure 17: Waste measurement chart39
Figure 18: Waste tracking on white boards at Chartwells39

1.1 Introduction
This research is mainly to reduce waste occurs in Chartwells which will help to produce the...
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