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Topics: Psychology, Race and Ethnicity, Personality psychology Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Annotated Bibliography Natossia Anderson

(Higgins, 1993)
This book just focus on the black person success to college. So I disagree with the way it wrote. But I agree with the book when it says that you have to have the strength in order to make it through the educational world. The world is still caught up on race, in some parts. This is a completion in this world for black people and the creditable that you have makes it better for you and easier for you. I disagree when he says that it is harder for a black person because it not just a black person it a woman period. And not only is that it other races that are going through the same thing. So I believe no matter what race you are you will have to have a positive and ambitious personality in order to get through college and you have to have balance and you can’t be closed minded.

(Williams, 2010)
This book talks about growth personal in the sociological aspect and I believe that we must also think about personal growth in that way. I believe that in education aspect we also need excuse and to eat healthy. Because if we are not balanced in the socicalogical part of the education part of our personal life then we can maintain the health that we need as humans. If you don’t have a good mind then you will not be ready for college. So your mind must be ready physically and mentally in order to attend college so balance is a must. (S.Ferrett, 2012)

This book is basically like helping you to balance the career and Family part of the balance. Ferret states you must develop a plan of action and then put it in to place. I agree with Ferret when she says that you need to have a professional and normal personality. That there is always a way to turn both of them on and off that we all have different personality traits when we are around different cultures. Our behavior reflects the groups and cultures we are around and we adopted in all situations in college and at home. The balance...
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