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A Research Paper
Submitted to
Prof. Judith R. Ordiz of
Bicol University College of Arts and Letters
Legazpi City

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements in
English 2


Joshua D. Anave
Jay-Ar B. Bien
Mars M. Belgica
Joie Pielago
Jefferson Orapa

BS-Entrepreneurship 1-A
MARCH 2013
Chapter 1

This study aims to find out the preference of the students of CBEM. Preference is the selecting of someone or something over another or others. Preference may be in the taste and quality of the food, the services the food establishments provides and the location of the establishments and their pricing method. Therefore the preference of a person may affect the way on how they choose and patronize which food establishment is the best.

To find out what fast food establishment the student of CBEM patronize the most and their reasons on why they patronize it. To discover if one patronizes an establishment mainly because of the quality of the food they serve, the location of their facility/establishment, the service they provide to the customers, or their pricing.

In creating a food based business it is required for us entrepreneurs to find out the factors or reasons on why the consumers patronize certain establishments in order to help us create a food based business as well that will be patronize and accepted by its target market and to ensure its success.

Statement of the Problem
This study deals with the fast food chains that are selected by the students of CBEM (College of Business, Economics & Management). The following questions below will make us or help us understand/know about the study/topic.

1. What fast food chains/establishments do you patronize? 2. Why do you prefer those fast food chains?
3. Are you satisfied with the quality of food and service the establishments provides? Why? 4. What are the things that can be improved by the establishments for the satisfaction of the customers?

Significance of the Study
Fast food chains this time are the most successful businesses. We’re conducting this study to know the reasons on what makes it successful and to know the reason on why college students of CBEM prefer to eat at fast food chains.

This study will serve as a guide for those who want to start their own fast food chain; it will lead them to be successful in terms of being a part of the Food Industry. Fast food chains are the beneficiary of this study. In this study they will find out the reasons of being sound of their fast food chain.

The future entrepreneurs and other business related course are the next beneficiary of this study. This study will inspire them to start their own fast food chain that would satisfy their customers. The last beneficiary of this study is the future researchers. They will gain knowledge and ideas on how to conduct a research study. They may use it also as a guide or as reference materials.

There are three aspects to be focused on this study such as; where, when and how the respondents select specific fast food chains. It involved 100 CBEM college students. College Students are mostly the customer of the fast food chain businesses but this study is focused only to the CBEM college students and not the other colleges.

In order to come up with our objective, which is to know what fast chains are patronized by the students of CBEM, we used the descriptive survey method. This method is very important in order to know and figure out the factors that affect the decision of the students in choosing which particular fast food chain they prefer. In our study/ we are able to find out the buying habits of our respondents, some of the reasons on why they have chosen this particular fast food chain and some of their suggestions for their complete satisfaction.

Through this method we used...
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