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Topics: High school, Middle school, Human behavior Pages: 25 (7325 words) Published: March 11, 2013
The problem and background of the study

One of the most notable characteristics of Filipinos is its strong family and community relationships. It has long been known that Filipinos are a friendly people. Most time spent by the Filipinos is dedicated to socializing with others. This often times serves as their recreational activity whereas nearly all the greetings are friendly and informal, and are accompanied by a handshake. Sometimes, to pay additional respects to the person, the handshake is accompanied with a tap on the shoulder.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Filipinos is being polite. It has been a long time Filipino tradition for the parents to teach their children good manners and right conduct (GMRC).

For the past years the word “po” or “opo” is used to show respect to other people. This kind of showing respect is widely distributed throughout the country.
This tradition has been passed persistently to subsequent generations. However, due to modernizations, today’s youth has been affected with the changes that it has brought. These changes have contributed to the diminishing politeness in the character of modern young adults. The study will focuses on application of proper values or GMRC in school.

This study will determine the students’ awareness and also if they are still applying good manners and right conduct in school. Specifically it will seek answers to the following questions: 1) What is the background of the respondents in terms of the following: a) Age; and

b) Gender
2) Does the respondent apply what they learn in schools about GMRC? 3) Does being disobedient affect the students’ relationship with his/her 3a) Teachers; and
3b) Friends/Peers
4) Does the respondent influences his/her classmates?

Significance of the study
It is necessary to study if the students are still conscious or if they are still applying proper manners and right conduct. This research will help aid the schools and other sectors with information regarding the understanding of the students on good manners and right conduct so that they will know if they should apply more values education subjects in school and workshop or seminars regarding GMRC by other sectors. Through this the students will benefit by being accepted by the people within the society and it will also help them gain self confidence and it will also develop their sense of responsibility.

The scope of this study is to know if the students of this generation are still responsive on GMRC. This research deals with the Application and awareness of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology Main Campus’ first and second year high school students on GMRC at school.

conceptual Framework
This study will be focusing on how students apply in school what they learn about good manners and right conduct. The researchers will use the input-output process where in the respondents served as the independent variable and the Perception of the students towards Good Manners and Right Conduct. INPUT| PROCESS| OUTPUT|

The N.E.U.S.T. High school students that undergoes Values Education Subjects.| Survey(Descriptive Method)| Perception of High School students towards Good Manners and Right Conduct.|

For better understanding of this study, some terms that where used are defined as follows: good- being positive or desirable in nature; not bad or poor. Manners- mean a way of acting; bearing or behavior.

Right- fitting, proper, or appropriate.
Conduct- means to behave in a particular way.
Awareness- having knowledge of the existence of something.
Application- means the use of something or the process of putting it to use. Politeness- means well mannered; showing or possessing good manners or common courtesy. Disobedient- refusing or failing to obey especially habitually. Kind- means a friendly; generous; or...
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