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Lovell Law Firm
271 James Street
Ashville, CT 06278

April 24, 1999

Mr. Christopher Taylor
125 Silas Deane Road
Wonkerville, CT 06124

Dear Mr. Taylor:

Recently you made inquiry with my firm as to the ramifications involved in starting up your own business as a contractor performing painting and roofing of residential homes. You informed us that you have been working approximately five years in the construction business, and now wish to start your own business. The attached sheet will give you some idea as to what would be involved should you decide to take this step. Based on our research, we have broken down your questions regarding contracts with customers including any requirements and/or limitations involved.

After your review of same, please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or need any further clarification of our investigation into this matter.

Best of luck with your future endeavors in the home improvement business.

Very truly yours,

C. A. Lovell
Attorney at Law


Lovell Law Firm
271 James Street
Ashville, CT 06278

First, a person who paints and roofs residential homes, would be classified as a “home improvement contractor”. A home improvement contractor engages in the painting and/or roofing of any private residential property or property in connection with a private residence, such as a garage or outbuilding.

In order to perform this work, you will need a “home improvement contract”, hereinafter “contract”. This is an contract between yourself, hereafter known as “contractor” and the owner, hereafter known as “homeowner”, meaning the owner of the private residence and would include any agent thereof. “Private residence” means a single family dwellng or a multifamily dwelling with not more than six units.

Second, before you commence any home improvement work you must obtain a certificate...
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