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Topics: High school, Family, Middle school Pages: 55 (17889 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Florida International University

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Parental Absence and Academic Achievement in Immigrant Students Chrysalis L. Wright
Florida International University,

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Wright, Chrysalis L., "Parental Absence and Academic Achievement in Immigrant Students" (2010). FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Paper 322.

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A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY in PSYCHOLOGY by Chrysalis Lamae Wright



To: Dean Kenneth Furton College of Arts and Sciences This dissertation, written by Chrysalis Lamae Wright, and entitled Parental Absence and Academic Achievement in Immigrant Students, having been approved in respect to style and intellectual content, is referred to you for judgment. We have read this dissertation and recommend that it be approved.

_______________________________________ William Kurtines

_______________________________________ Marilyn Montgomery

_______________________________________ Dionne Stephens

_______________________________________ Mary J. Levitt, Major Professor Date of Defense: November 8, 2010 The dissertation of Chrysalis Lamae Wright is approved.

______________________________________ Dean Kenneth Furton College of Arts and Sciences

______________________________________ Interim Dean Kevin O’Shea University Graduate School Florida International University, 2010 ii  

DEDICATION I dedicate this dissertation to Garry, my soul mate, for his complete devotion, support, understanding, and love. Without his presence, all of this would have been impossible. Without his patience and support I would not have been able to complete the program. Thank you for doing what husbands normally do not do and for making me continue when I felt there was no hope or desire. And to my children: Ivy, Micah, Zachia, Azariah, and Iona. Their patience, love, and seeing their future in their eyes helped me to keep going when I did not think I could. This is also for my mother, Demetria Smith, who watched gracefully as her only child left her hometown in pursuit of her dreams. She was saddened to watch my family and I leave but remained supportive throughout. She repeatedly offered words of encouragement and offered support when she could. I hope that my accomplishment makes her proud; proud to be the mother of the first person in our family to pursue a college education and see it all the way through. I also dedicate this dissertation to the loving memory of my grandparents, Ethel M. Wright and Clayton F. Wright, both of whom were confident in my ability to do what no other member of my family has done. They were supportive of my goals, understanding of my desires, and loved me unconditionally. In the course of my goal to complete a Ph.D. in Psychology, I lost both of them and struggled to continue in the program because of my grief and pain. I know that both of them would be proud of my accomplishments; not just a Ph.D. in Psychology but accomplishing such an educational endeavor with five lovely children to care for.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank the members of my committee for their support, patience, understanding, and guidance. Their scholarly direction has been greatly appreciated. Dr. William Kurtines was particularly helpful in guiding me toward the implementation of structural equation modeling. Not only was he extremely helpful as a committee member but he was also a great...
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