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K+12 program to integrate the current curriculum’s best features, DepEd says  by Liezl Aileen Nuñez

The K+12 program presented by DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro in early October last year is to integrate with its enhanced curriculum the best  programs currently implemented by the department in schools nationwide. This is the reason why experts from DepEd, CHED, TESDA, and educators from public and private schools are carefully studying all the programs put into practice by the current curriculum in basic education. Secretary Luistro comments, “What we want is a seamless transition from the current to the enhanced curriculum that is more responsive to learning needs of students and the community. This is why we are seriously considering the inclusion of all the best features of our current programs.” The K+12 curriculum plans to reform the country's basic education by adding two more years of schooling to better prepare Filipino students for higher education, their future work, and the global arena. This enhanced curriculum also termed as K-6-4-2 will include kindergaten, six years of elementary, four years of junior or regular high school, and the additional two years of senior high school where students can choose from various career tracks to pursue depending on their inclinations. Starting June this year, kindergarten will be compulsory for all five-year olds—marking the beginning of the K+12 curriculum implementation in Philippine schools.  Related Link: 

K+12 to integrate best features of basic education

“K+12 to integrate best features of basic education.” Republic of the Philippines Department of Education, n.d. Web. March 14, 2011.
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