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The Language of Advertising in Modern English Title: Research Proposal Sample
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Nowadays, people are exposed to advertising in every aspect of their life – business and work, family and household, chores and leisure. Every seller wants to reorient the buyers’ mind in a way that would be profitable for a certain product. But nobody wants to become a victim of the advertisement by purchasing the product or service one doesn’t actually need. Therefore, this research will provide an in-depth analysis of the advertising discourse and a set of rules helping people avoid the damaging influence of commercials. The topicality of the research stems from the frequent exposure of modern society to advertisements and the need to analyze the way certain language units are used to reorient the buyers’ consciousness. The analysis of the linguistic devices employed in the Modern English advertising discourse is aimed at providing the means to sort out the problem mentioned. If the buyers are aware of the linguistic tools that promote the product, they will pay more attention to the actual qualities of the product rather than the advertisement that promotes it. Problem Statement

These days advertisements are abundant in every area of human life. Human minds are influenced by the way products are promoted, and sometimes people just cannot resist buying something that will have no place or utility in their lives. Therefore, it is quite essential to look into the problem and find out what causes such behavior in consumers. The research is aimed at tackling the foregoing issue and presupposes a number of actions to be taken. The object of the following research is the language units widely used in modern advertising discourse, their variety and the frequency of usage. The subject-matter of the research concerns Modern English advertising discourse from the semantic...
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