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Topics: Architecture, Vernacular architecture, Past Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: January 17, 2013
PURPOSE OF DOCUMENTATION: Study and analysis of the history of a place is a means towards a better understanding of the architecture native to the place. At present, we see a surge in the construction of buildings oblivious to their surroundings, which wasn’t the case earlier. This discord between the past and the present can be comprehended by studying vernacular architecture. Hence there is a need to document an area which is rooted in history, yet, tries to imbibe modernism. This study will help evolve a solution to the problem of unsustainable habitats which plague us currently. It will help us to refocus on an evolution of built forms and materials based on the needs of the place. VERNACULAR ARCHITECTURE: Man, being a part of the ecosystem, responds to the basic nuances of natural living. This brings in the thought of vernacular, which essentially means native, indigenous and corresponds to the characteristic of a place. Vernacular architecture can be termed as an architecture born out of the usage of local building materials and techniques adapted to not only the local conditions, needs and materials, but also to the very character of the people. It is a reflection of the customs and lifestyle of a community. It aims at providing comfort and fulfilling the requirements of the community and in doing so, it unconsciously achieves a form of aesthetic appeal. Vernacular architecture works on certain principles rooted to the soil, thus being sustainable in the truest sense. Studying such a form of expression will enable us to better understand the true essence of architecture, which always lies in wilful development rather than thoughtless proliferation. WHY ACHALPUR: The fortified city of Achalpur has been a place of economic importance through the ages. Invasions from various quarters and the resulting assimilation of cultures has resulted in a vibrant, multi-faceted community wherein their rich past is distinctly visible in the present scenario, making it an...
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