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Topics: Violence, Aggression, Corporal punishment Pages: 12 (3875 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Should Parents Use Physical Punishment on Their Children ?
Fatimah Alyami University of Cincinnati ELS English Language Center


Family bonding is one of the most important factors that builds a child's personality. Also,

methods of raising children are the basic factors that affect their growth psychologically and

socially. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with children carefully because they will be

contributors in society's development in future. Recently, many children who have been exposed

to physical punishment or domestic violence by one of their family members cannot express their

feelings verbally until they become adults. In this paper, I will prove that physical punishment

has negative effects more than positive effects especially on their mental capacity.

Should parents use physical punishment on their children?

Neighbor Roger Simpson told USA that he saw a little girl running fast at around four in the afternoon as if there was a lion chasing after her, but there was no one behind her (Madans, 2012). A nine-years old Alabama resident, Savannah Hardin, was being punished for lying to her grandmother about eating a candy bar. When police contacted Savannah’s grandmother, she indicated that the child was ordered to run for several hours without food or drink in the scorching heat. The victim was life-lifted to the children’s hospital where doctors worked to save her life. Later that day, Savannah died despite all attempts to save her life. The doctor said that Savannah’s extreme dehydration resulted in the heat stroke that took her life. Was it fair in stealing Savannah’s childhood for her theft of the candy bar? Was that what we learned in the school to kill our kids instead of teaching them? Should a child’s mistake be the reason for death? Really unbelievable! Savannah is not the only victim of corporal punishment. There are many stories about how some women or men take away the life of their children in order to teach them the correct behavior. There is NO reason for a mother carrying a child for 9 months waiting to deliver this child into the world, then taking the child’s life away. Physical punishment is a form of penalty, and it is using power to force or threaten another person. This includes hitting with objects, slapping, spanking, and to force the children to stand for long periods of time, which causes physical or psychological damage, as a mean of discipline. There are many of experiences of corporal punishment such as when parents spank their child to stop his tantrum because he doesn't want to buy something for him or when parents shake her kids because they have hit another child, and the most common places where violence occurs are the home and school. Some punishments were still hidden from view or were not reported because physical punishment for many children is routine and part of their daily reality. The physical punishments can be divided into two types including psychological and corporal punishment. The psychological punishments are such as insulting, ignoring and verbal punishment. On the other hand, beating, kicking and slapping refer to the corporal punishment. Although the results may depend on the nature and severity of punishment, all kinds of physical punishment can still have severe implications for child development, health and ability to learn.

In “Corporal Punishment by Parents and Associated Child Behaviors and Experiences : A Meta-Analytic and Theoretical Review “, many researchers found that negative effects in child’s life are associated with corporal...
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