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Topics: Management information system, Human resources, Asset Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: December 29, 2012

This term paper presents a discussion about the history and competitive advantage of certain company which is the “Kalinisan Steam Laundry Inc., which also uses a Management Information System. This term paper also gives the analysis about its strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threat to its internal and external environment. Also explains the company flowchart and the problems encountered that hinder the effective using of MIS. Finally, recommends that the company should change the manual existing system of Kalinisan Steam laundry Inc..


Kalinisan started its operations merely as a laundry department on January 12, 1985 although it was a registered as separate corporate entity with SEC on August 23, 1984 with kalinisan Steam Laundry, Inc. As its original name. The name was later on changed to what it is known now when management decided to cater to outside customer.

Its direction changed and strategically, Kalinisan Steam Laundry, Inc. is position as a premiere laundry company that will service quality customer from the institutional and industrial segments in the industry.

Kalinisan Steam Laundry, Inc. also meant forward. It took a great step forward when the plant transferred from Makati to Quezon City.

From the birth of the clean Living, Inc. (CLC) on February 1996, the management decided to put up this plant to cater to the laundry needs of the industrial and institutional plants in the South area.

Kalinisan Laundry Group has revolutionized the art of laundering by acquiring the most modern and latest computer controlled tunnel washers and fully automatic flatwork ironers and high performance folding machines.


The company had its useful system in monitoring and arranging employees 201 files per department and inventory of the assets and sales. Since it is manually prepared it is so risky and not efficient enough to monitor and secure the employees file,...
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