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Letter of Acknowledgement

Ms. Tasmia Ekram
Faculty member of MKT 202 
North South University, Bashundhara, Dhaka.

Subject: Letter of Acknowledgement of project.

Dear Madam,

Any attempt at any level cannot be satisfactorily completed without the support and guidance of learned people. We would like to express our immense gratitude to you for your constant support and motivation that has encouraged us to come up with this project. Our project is about Gola Ice Cream. We appreciate the opportunity; the study conducted under your supervision has provided us to put our knowledge in comparison with real world of business organization.

We gratefully thank to you for teaching us Marketing 202.


Kashfiya Nawrin1210943630
Nazemul Islam Ratul1211106030
Tanveer Hossain Bhuiyan1211102030
Fazlul Karim Chowdhury1210917030

Gola Ice cream
Gola is an ice cream made of ice flakes with various colors and cream which can be better in hot weather than cool, sweet, colorful dessert. A particular type of ice cream sellers with hand carts usually sell these kind of ice creams at outside of markets, fields or some other public places. This ice cream comes from Indian culture which is now merging with ours. People of all ages and sectors like this ice cream for its attractive colors and various flavors.This ice cream is so much popular in now a day only for its cheap pricing.

Making Process of Perfect Gola Ice cream:
Things needed:
* Ice Cubes
* Fruit Syrup
* Coconut Flakes
* Food Color
* Condensed Milk
* Clean Cotton Cloth about 1 foot square piece
* Hammer or something to crush ice
* Ice-cream sticks or Bamboo Stick
* Paper cup or Ice-loly making cup
Step 1: Crush the Ice and Dye the Coconut

* Take some coconut flakes.
* Pour green food coloring and mix well.
* Take a clean cotton cloth and put in 6-7 ice cubes in it. * Use a hammer; crush the ice into very small pieces.

Step 2: Putting in Taste

* Put a stick in the cup and fill it with ice.
* Keep the stick in center and press the ice with fingers until tightly packed. * Take out the Gola Ice cream out of the cup first and pour on it sherbet/syrups and dip it in the Green coconut flakes. * Pour on condensed milk on it.

Production cost of 100 units:

Elements| Units| Unit price| Price in taka|
Ice cube ( tray) | 2 trays| 40| 80|
Fruit syrup| 2 liter| 50| 100|
Sugar| 1 kg| 50| 50|
Condensed milk| 5 containers| 60| 300|
Coconut flakes| 3 coconuts| 40| 120|
Food color| 50 gm.| 4| 200|
Paper cup| 100 cups| .50| 50|
Stick| 100 pieces| .25| 25|
Total| 925|

Besides these there are some additional costs of Gola ice cream business like purchase of hammer or ice crasher and vehicle (hand cart) to supply it among the buyers. Marketing Mix (4P’s)

Marketing mix is a set of controllable tactical marketing tools that firm blends to produce the appropriate response it wants in the market. There are four variables in marketing mix. These variables are never constant and may be changed over time. A change in one of the variables may cause a change in all the other variables as well. These variables are also known as the 4P’s of marketing. These four variables help the firm in making strategic decisions necessary for the smooth running of any business. These variables are:

Product| Price|
Place| Promotion|

Gola Ice-cream has also these 4P’s. In case of Gola ice-cream their 4P’s have some definite problem. The 4P’s of Gola ice cream and the inherent problems regarding those are explained below:

A product is a thing that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need. It is the first variable in the marketing mix. The product analyses of Gola ice cream are given below: * Offer: Ice-cream

* Quality: Unhygienic
* Packaging: Paper cup
* Appearance: Attractive

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