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Jiyu Gu AK Remedial Classes and Courses Benefit Students and Society
In the era of knowledge economy, the relationship between higher education and social economic development get increasingly close to each other, and they already moved from the fringes of society toward the center. All societies today recognize the importance of higher education. Its high development has benefited a lot from American emphasis on higher education, the diversity of higher education investment mechanism. Why School? Reclaiming Education for All of Us by Mike Rose, a professor in the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, detailing minutely his feelings that “national talk on education had begun to shift beyond critique.” And he says, “It was moving toward despair. A dangerous hopelessness, Dismissive, Cynical”( 146). “Remediation at the University” and “Re-mediating Remediation”, where the analysis and arguments are included in these chapters deal with the problems of decreasing the basic education or remedial classes from colleges and universities. The topic of educational fairness, especially different levels of it, has been Gu2 heatedly discussed in the educational circles and the whole society. We should cast our attention not only on the high education, but also on remedial education.

Remediation on all levels will never go away. In his “Remediation at the University”, Rose mentions an emeritus professor from UCLA who wanted to eliminate the university’s freshman year. It is indicated that a lot of remedial courses or classes have to be abandoned. This can lead to significant distress for students who want to enter higher education. Remedial classes or courses are often used to stress the basics in a subject such as math or English. They can help students who are having problems with advanced concepts to fully understand the...
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