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Topics: Student council, Students' unions, University Pages: 15 (4129 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Far Eastern University
Institute of Arts and Sciences
Department Of Mathematics and Chemistry


The IAS Student Council ’13: An Assessment of the
Programs by Random IAS Students of
Far Eastern University


In partial fulfilment of
The requirement of
Math 2N Basic Statistics


Mary Joy R. Agquiz
Paul Ivanne R. Domingo
Catherine Grace D. Flach
Abdul Aziz A. Gayampal
Janine Mya A. Marcial
Anna Jozelle L. Torres


Prof. Evelyn R. Tayag
Associate Professor

October 2012


Chapter IPage 2
a. Introductionb. Significance of Study
c. Statement of Purposed. Scope and Limitations Chapter IIPage 4a. Foreign Literature
b. Local Literature
Chapter IIIPage 9
a. Methodology
b. Random Sampling
c. Survey Questionnaires
Chapter IVPage 10
a. Summary
b. Findings
c. Conclusion & Recommendations
AppendicesPage 12
Appendix A Figure I
Appendix B Figure II
Appendix C UP, Ateneo SC presidents speak on plans, school issues BibliographyPage


Several people played an important role in the accomplishing of this research paper. We want to express our gratitude to all the people who have given their heart whelming full support in making this compilation a magnificent experience. To God the father of all, we are thankful for the strength that keeps us standing and for the hope that keeps us believing that this research would be possible and more interesting. We also wanted to thank our families who inspired, encouraged and fully supported us in every trial that came our way. Also, we thank them for giving us not just financial, but moral and spiritual support. To our group mates who willingly helped us gather the necessary data and information needed for this research, we thank you. To the assistance given by the Institute of Arts and Sciences Student Council officers, Rizanne Ramos the president of IAS SC, Tyron Mesario the Vice President, Trish Marcelo the Secretary, Pauline So the PRO and Andrea Tantoy the FEUCSO Representative. They have been very generous and have contributed ideas and advices. We could not have completed this paper without their assistance, tolerance and enthusiasm. We also wish to thank our adviser Nomer Malenad for teaching us in formatting this researcher paper. We also would like to thank him for showing us some example that related to our topic.

We formulated this study for the purpose of instilling awareness of the programs facilitated by the Institute of Arts and Sciences Student Council in order to grant transparency within our institute.


This work is dedicated to our fellow FEU students especially to those people in the Institute of Arts and Sciences for them to be aware of the activities of the Student Council. We also dedicate this research to our adviser Ma’am Evelyn Tayag, to our family and to our dear lord Jesus Christ.

I. Background of the Study

The Constitution of the Philippines tends to protect the welfare of its people. It states different basic rights of the people that it has to protect, and take care of against violation of other individuals as well as the government itself. It includes the right of the people to protest, to form organizations with all freedom they can afford.

Maybe one of the greatest content of the constitution would be the establishment of the Sangguniang Kabataan, an institution in the local government that gives the youth to represent themselves, to voice out their interests for the government to be heard. By far, it’s one of the best concepts that we had adapted.

These laws influenced also the student of different academic...
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