Research on Tobacco Smoking

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AbstractPage 2
IntroductionPage 3
Literature reviewPage 4 – 7
ObjectivePage 8
MethodPage 9
ResultsPage 10 - 12
EvaluationPage 13
AppendixPage 14
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QuestionnairePage 17


The aim of this research project is to test the hypothesis that “Tobacco smoking is adversely affecting the health of unborn babies among pregnant women in Barking and Dagenham” Smoking pregnant women appear to be more vulnerable than non smoking pregnant women to many adverse consequences of tobacco smoking. Smoking during pregnancy is associated with many fatal and neo-natal problems such as low birth weight, pre-term delivery, placenta damage, miscarriage, and sudden-infant-death syndrome. It can also be the cause of respiratory problems such as chest infections and can aggravate asthma in young babies. Smoking pregnant women achieve higher concentrations of nicotine and carbon monoxide in their blood and become more impaired than non smoking pregnant women after smoking equivalent amounts of tobacco.

The study has used primary and secondary research to obtain its findings. The questionnaire albeit a very small cross section of the population, established that tobacco use is more prevalent among smoking pregnant women than non smoking pregnant women in Barking and Dagenham. In my survey, 60 percent of tobacco smoking pregnant women reported consume cigarette, 200 percent smoke cigars, 10 percent pipe tobacco, and 10 percent of other types of tobacco per day on average.

The secondary research was based on studies and surveys that the the number of pregnant women who smoke has been falling steadily in recent years. No one can deny that quitting smoking it is a difficult process. Even so, many pregnant women give up smoking for good during pregnancy. Moreover, pregnant women who give up smoking early in pregnancy and who receive encouragement from their partners and from midwives are most likely to be successful in becoming permanent non-smokers.


This research project will be discussing the hypothesis that “Tobacco smoking is adversely affecting the health of unborn babies among pregnant women”. The expression adversely is defined within the literature review, using evidence from secondary source material. It will debate the reasons, affects, consequences, disadvantages of tobacco smoking among pregnant women and Government advice and consequence of tobacco and how harmful it is to babies and their health. In addition to this material, a small scale research component has been included which leads to an evaluation of both the primary and secondary sources.


In December 1998, the Department of Health published Smoking Kills – a White Paper on tobacco, which set out practical measures to reduce smoking among men, women, children and most particular women with pregnancy. - Office for national statistics 2008 – 2009, smoking related behaviour and attitude.

Smoking is the inhalation of the smoke of burning tobacco encased in cigarettes, pipes, and cigars. Many health experts now regard habitual smoking as a psychological addiction, too, and one with serious health consequences. - McCoy. K, Tobacco smoking – page 226.

For some people it's because they believe that they can't live without the effects of smoking, such as relieving stress and giving pleasure. For others it's because smoking is associated with fun and social activities, such as a break from work or meeting with friends in the pub. - McConoile. B, Women and pregnancy – part 3- page 196.

Everyone has different reasons for smoking and tobacco is used to fill many needs. Some of the key reasons are the physical, emotional and psychological effects that cigarettes have; they can also be used as a tool when socialising. - Fintan O’...
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