Research on "The Summnoning of Everyman

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  • Published : April 6, 2012
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Research Paper

Kimberly Revels L23571850

English 102: Literature and Composition
Spring A 2011

Thesis Statement: When you are summoned to death nothing that you have on Earth can go with you.

I. Introduction
a. Cays have nine lives
b. Date with death
c. Thesis statement
II. background information
a. complete title
b. date written
c. type of play
d. author
III. summary of everyeman
a. how story begins
b. climax
c. ending

IV. anaylsis of the elements of the story
a. characters
b. setting
c. theme
d. plot
V. authors perception of death
a. death is inevitable
b. possessions are not going with you to heaven
c. what you can take with you to heaven
VI. what everyman represents
a. who he is
b. what he has to do to get to heaven
VII. ways to get to heaven
a. praying
b. good deed
c. faith
VIII. summary
a. life lesson

Kimberly Revels
Professor Hammersmith
English 102: Literature and Composition

Research Paper

It is said that cats have nine lives. Humans, unlike cats, only have one life to live. Everyone who is born of a woman has a date with death. There is no way that you can escape death. When you are summoned to death, nothing materialistic can go with you.

The complete title of Everyman is “The Summoning of Everyman”, through the years the name has been shortened. It is believed that Everyman was written in the 1400’s and the author is unknown, there is another story that has a similar plot to Everyman called “Elckerlijc” written by Peter van Diest in 1495. This story is a morality play.

God sees that everyman is getting wrapped up in all his materialistic possessions on Earth so He decides to summon him to death. Everyman is not ready to die and he tries to make a...
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