Research on the Internet for the Different Bi Technology Solutions Available

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Assignment: Research on the internet for the different BI technology solutions available. Select the top two solutions that will be appropriate for a business environment with which you are familiar. Recommend one solution while referring to the second option and discussing the differences. Emphasize why you chose the top one and why it fits the problem. Report your recommendation in a one page, single spaced paper. Present a persuasive argument. Do not forget to provide proper references/citations.

Two BI technology solutions

My attempt in this is to provide what a CEO is really going to be looking at when it comes down to it which is cost. Most companies just want to get it done for the most reasonable price and at the same time provide stability. The two different types of Business Intelligence Systems that I picked are SQL Server 2008 R2 and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g. Both are great software, but Oracle will always be much better for large corporations and SQL Server will always be better for a smaller corporation. As I explained in class this week, Oracle does cost $295,000.00 according to this (Oracle, 2009). Getting it running right from the start due to coding implementation for programs does cost a lot, but it doesn’t have any year to year cost other than hiring employees to run Oracle software. Oracle also doesn’t make you pay per person for software to implement code and for the database itself. Many think that it will cost more to get Oracle software running than it will to buy SQL Server for BI and implement a system for it. I am here to say they are wrong. A SQL Server datacenter package according to (Microsoft, 2009) cost $54,990.00 for the license and $13,748.00 for their software assurance. However to code many other programs you will also have to use other software that only they provide which will cost approximately $3500 per user. A software license must be assigned to a certain person. So a...
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