Research on Telecom Industry

Topics: Telecommunication, Mobile phone, Telecommunications network Pages: 9 (3013 words) Published: March 19, 2013
P2E Research Project, Telecom Industry
Ambarish Agwan, GAPR12IT024
Division – B, April 2012

Table of Contents

Literature Review2
Telecom History3
Financial Statistics8
Current Trends9
Potential Pitfalls11


Literature Review

In Eugenio Iannone’s book Telecommunication Networks (2011) he talks about the present telecommunication network as a whole. He has adopted a practical approach that studies evidence of not only engineering subjects, but also recent developments and research directions and key market needs that very important in guaranteeing the standard. Iannone starts with a market analysis of the telecommunication sector needed to individuate trends in equipment development and services. As a result of which technical advancements do not appear as mere improvements, but as answers to specific market requirements (Iannone, 2011). Further detailed attention is dedicated by Iannone to the issues such as real estate and power consumption. These issues are more important than engineering key performances like capacity or reach in determining the success of the product in some practical cases. The quantitative data that are provided for all the analysed systems is inspired by product-level prototypes and real products. Whenever possible, the measured data are sustained by mathematical modelling (Iannone, 2011). In G. R. M. Garratt’s book The Early History of Radio: From Faraday to Marconi (1994) and also in Anton A. Huurdeman’s book The Worldwide History of Telecommunications (2003) both the authors have given a detailed history about Radio and Telecommunication industry respectively. Huurdeman in his book talks comprehensively about the development of telecommunications. He felt the need to write this book because there was no single book giving the global history of telecommunication. All books prior to this book were concentrating on the history of a particular nation. Thus, the need to consolidate the events in telecommunication history throughout the globe arose. In his book Huurdeman conveyed information in the telecommunication sector that took place in over 100 countries. This book also includes the statistics for over 200 countries (Huurdeman, 2003). In Jesús Hamilton Ortiz’s book Telecommunications Network - Current Status and Future Trends (2012) he talks about the recent trends in the telecommunication industry. According to Ortiz we are currently using the all-IP network architecture. The services that are currently using IP network demands for large volume of data flowing through the network. This enormous amount of data and applications in various areas require better treatment of information. Thus resulting in new requirements arising from this type of certain users' habits and traffic have produced the need of different levels of services and a more scalable architecture, with enhanced support for increased data security and mobility (Ortiz, 2012). Further he also states that there is an unyielding use of mobiles and the growth of traffic over telecom channels. There is an exponential rise in the usage of mobile devices in recent years. The number of mobile devices exceeds that of laptops or personal computers. We can see that mobile networks are better alternatives to replace or complement existing gaps for Internet access in fixed networks, particularly in developing nations. He also focuses on the recent technology that facilitates the growing usage demands maintaining a certain quality of service (QoS) (Ortiz, 2012).

Telecom History

Communication involves the transmission of signals. Before the discovery of electricity and other means of communication, people used to communicate over distances by using various signals and other trivial means. Since then we have come a long way. Technological developments lead to the invention of radio, telephone, television etc....
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