Research on Tardiness

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St. Anthony School
Singalong, Manila

Research Planning and Development Office
July 25, 2011



RATIONALE: This survey or evaluation is conducted to develop an understanding of the impact of poor or irregular attendance and punctuality on overall attainment of a school committed to excellence. It is also important not to dwell on negative statistics around attendance. While participants need to understand the issues and potential impact, we would like to emphasize that most employees come to work regularly and on time.


OBJECTIVES OF THE SURVEY: 1. To consider the effect poor attendance or punctuality can have on quality service of employees. 2. To increase understanding of how absences or poor punctuality may develop. 3. To explore good practice in attendance management.


RESPONDENTS PROFILE: This survey was administered to the St. Anthony School personnel whether they incurred absences or tardiness last school year. These are faculty, non-teaching personnel and administrators. There were 64 respondents from the 85 personnel invited to share their views.


INSTRUMENTS/ TECHNIQUES UTILIZED: The main instrument used in gathering the data was the questionnaire supplied by the RPD Office in collaboration with the HRM Office.


SUMMARY TABLE ON THE SURVEY OF THE SAS EMPLOYEES’ ATTENDANCE/PUNCTUALITY Invitations Sent Invitations Accepted Untracked Responses (printed questionnaires) Total Completed Surveys Received Total Incomplete Surveys Received Total Responses Received 77 56 8 62 2 64

RPD 07-25-2011 jnc/bgm


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1. In what department do you belong?

2. Specify your age bracket.

3. Your gender.

4. What is your status?

5. For married, widower or separated - do you have children?

How many?
Number of Child/ren Respondent

1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 pregnant
RPD 07-25-2011 jnc/bgm

5 10 13 4 1 1 1 1 1
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6. If you have children, in what age bracket do they belong?

7. Do you have a maid or yaya at home?

8. Where do you live?

OTHER RESPONSES Anakbayan St. Arellano St. Sta. Ana Manila Bacoor, Cavite Batangas Bulacan Caloocan City Cardinal Sin Village Punta Sta. Ana Cavite (Rosario) Makati City Paco Pandacan Paris St., Malate, Manila Pasay City Quiapo, Manila Sampaloc, Manila Taguig City Zamora, Pandacan, Manila

9. With whom do you live with?

RPD 07-25-2011 jnc/bgm


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OTHER RESPONSES Husband Mother Niece Sister With husband & kids With my Mom and my family

10. How long have you worked in SAS?

11. What means of transportation do you use in going to school?


12. How many times did you get late last school year 2010-2011?

RPD 07-25-2011 jnc/bgm


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13. What were the reasons for your tardiness this school year?

OTHER RESPONSES Congested traffic My kids move slowly though I wake them up early. Usually they are the cause of my tardiness. Traffic along the way Water pump not working bec. Of brown-out or some other reason / garbage truck blocking the way for a few minutes

14. Were you given a sanction for your tardiness?

15. If yes, what was/were the sanction/s given to you?

16. Did the sanction given improve you punctuality?

17. Did you incur absences last school year 2010-2011?

RPD 07-25-2011 jnc/bgm


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18. If yes, how many times?
Number of Absences 1-5 times 6-10 times More than 10 Can’t recall Respondent 19 9 2 1

19. What were the reasons for your absences?

OTHER RESPONSES Conjunctivitis I consumed my summer leave I used the summer leave for those absences Masteral studies

20. Were you given sanction/s for being absent?

21. What sanction/s did you receive?

22. Did the sanction/s given to you improve you attendance?

RPD 07-25-2011 jnc/bgm


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