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What is a short story?
A short story is a work of fiction which is often written in prose but it can also be written as a narrative. A short story in narrative form tends to focus on one moment in time in comparison to the works of a fiction such as novels and novella’s. The definition of a short story based upon length, style and genre is determined by the individual author’s preference. Short stories are less complex than novel. Generally a short story focuses on one incident, has a single plot, single setting, limited number of characters and covers short period.

“A short story is, in some ways, like a photograph--a captured moment of time that is crystalline, though sometimes mysterious, arresting, though perhaps delicate. But while a photo may or may not suggest consequences, a short story always does. In the story's moment of time something important, something irrevocable has occurred. The change may be subtle or obvious, but it is definite and definitive. In addition, while it is the audience that supplies the backstory for a photo, it is the writer who must give the audience a beginning, middle, and end of a short story. Without that structure, the piece is not a short story at all but a scene, a vignette, a fragment--evocative, yes, but not emotionally or psychologically satisfying”. – Marilyn singer

How does ‘The Little Girl’s Room’ fit into the short story category? ‘The Little Girl’s Room’ fits into the short story category according to Marilyn Singers definition of a short story as the story has taken one event which occurred in Geraldine’s life (when her mother died) and focused the result of this event and how it affected both Geraldine and others surrounding her. The story has a ‘subtle or obvious change’ when Geraldine’s whole life changes when she goes to live with her step grandma she begins to be home schooled, has her own bedroom, you can say she is cared for well. But her new world differs a lot from the old, although she...
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