Research on Shizophrenia in India

Topics: Schizophrenia, Psychiatry, Mental disorder Pages: 17 (7491 words) Published: January 6, 2013


This study presents a literature-based survey which aims at exploring the cross cultural perspective on schizophrenia, which entails how people from a given country with specific cultural background look at this condition and other situations that are related to schizophrenia. In addition, this report gives detailed information on the experiences that caregivers go through while handling persons who are suffering from this condition. This report therefore gives a critical analysis of Schizophrenia and compares different sources of data and reports in relation to the experiences that exist in various countries. It emerges that the perception of schizophrenia still maintains a similar stand in various countries especially in the developing countries and the developed countries. This therefore calls for the need for further research in Schizophrenia. The opening section provides a background understanding of Schizophrenia. The second section illustrates comparative studies of schizophrenia in various countries. In addition, it gives a critical analysis of the condition of schizophrenia. The third section gives a detailed analysis of the methods that the researcher incorporated in order to arrive to the conclusions and recommendations made.
This research study has various essentials that make it be of a great significance. It is therefore important to note that the following research work is of great relevance: This research study focused in helping the society have a clear perception on the causes and management of the conditions associated with schizophrenia. In addition, the technicians will have a clear outline of handling people suffering from this condition both in the developed and developing countries. It is essential to highlight that this study will facilitate a significant role in guaranteeing a change to the way people perceive this condition and act out in helping those who suffer from the above mentioned disease and in addition offering aid to those who provide gross care and support to the caregivers who handle schizophrenic patients. Research methodology

This chapter clearly describes the strategies and procedures that were incorporated in this study. Research methodology therefore entails the elements like data collection process, and data analysis procedures. These research elements were be elaborated in a more comprehensive manner through rigorous discussions and critical analysis of secondary sources of data that were gathered from different resources. Research design

The researcher incorporated a descriptive research design in this literature based research. It gives a qualitative analysis of the prevailing condition of schizophrenia. This research design had been significantly determined to be always essential because it authorizes and makes it easier for the researcher to utilize quantitative approach of data collection. It is significant to highlight that research design facilitated the researcher to establish quantitative information and also to determine, analyse, and interpret the cross cultural perceptions on schizophrenia and the associated burdens experienced by the caregivers. This research design did major on establishing a cross cultural comparison on schizophrenia and the burden associated to it that is experienced by the caregivers. The research findings were then critically analysed. Data collection procedures

This research study was applying various research instruments in data collection procedures. It very prudent to note that the researcher used the following instruments to collect data for her literature based research, observation, scholarly journals, research reports, literature review articles, internet, online libraries and reference books. The utilization of the following research...
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