Research on Participatory Teaching

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Background of the Study
This action research is about how financial accounting could be taught effectively in form two business class of Ejuraman Anglican Senior High School with maximum active student participation through the use of participatory learning method. It had come to light through observation and analysis that, form two business student’s level of active involvement in financial accounting lessons had been low, in that on average only five students forming twenty-two percent of the class had been actively involved in lessons through their questions and contribution in class (Field study, 2011). This development, I realized after questioning students poor performance at the end of first term examination to have had a negative impact on students’ performance in the examination. This revelation moves me to investigate the causes of the low level of student’s participation in my class and ways or method by which this problem could be solved.

Statement of the Problem
The level of form two business students participation in financial accounting classes in Ejuraman Anglican Senior High School in the Ejura Municipal Assembly in the Ashanti region had been on the low side and was having a negative effect on their general performance in the subject. This I realized by observation and reflection on teaching and learning in my class and from analysis of feedback from student on the reasons underlying the failure of twelve of them out of twenty-three who took part in the end of term examination. Further, investigation revealed the cause of this low level of students’ classroom participation to be the instruction strategy being used. This necessitate the researcher to device the use of participatory learning to help second year accounting students of Ejuraman Anglican Senior High School to improve upon their active participation in financial accounting lessons.

Purpose of the Study
The general purpose of the study was to find out the effect of participatory learning on students classroom participation in financial accounting in Ejuraman Anglican Senior High School. The study specifically aimed at improving classroom participation in financial accounting from twenty-two percent to seventy percent among form two business students of Ejuraman Anglican Senior High School. Again, the study sought to find out the correlation between students classroom participation and general academic performance in financial accounting.

Research Question
1. To what extent do teaching methodology affects the accounting student’s classroom participation? 2. In what ways can students’ classroom participation be improved? 3. What effect had participatory learning on students’ active class involvement?

Significance of the Study
The findings of the study will help the researcher to assess the effect of using participatory learning method in his class, and also add to the body of knowledge of teaching and learning. Furthermore, the study will help improve student’s participation in financial accounting lessons and ultimately their understanding and performance in financial accounting, should the study yield positive results. On a broader perspective, the study could benefit the Ghana Education Service, Ejuraman Anglican Senior High School and teachers of financial accounting in the senior high schools as a reference material for practice.

Limitations of the Study
The researcher had to contend with the following limiting factors: 1. Sample size and population
2. Duration of the study
The findings are peculiar to the business two students of Ejuraman Anglican Senior High School. It will therefore, not be most appropriate to use the study for generalization. However, some of the findings may have some useful application in some other departments and schools with similar characteristics as the case under study.

Delimitation of the Study
The study covers eight weeks of teaching and learning at...
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