Research on How Importance of Teenagers Using Iphone

Topics: IPhone, App Store, Apple Inc. Pages: 4 (1159 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Research on how importance of teenagers using IPhone


Why do people use IPhone more than other phones? What is iphone charm of expression? IPhone and app store have brought us an unprecedented using of space. The first Iphone is to use all the gravity due sensing and capacitive screens, gravity sensor so that a lot of software and games have new play; the experience is new and impressive. About the hardware of the ISO's are simple and intuitive, rapid response, gorgeous interface that makes the product user experience unusually high. Although we think that the Iphone hardware is not the strongest and the software may not be the best. We think that the combination of hardware and software and on the basis shown that user interface is indeed of the best.

Iphone update their products every year. They bring a new bright spot and upgrade the system which is frequent. Even if only very small changes, the people are fullly of expectations and wants to greatly improving the product loyalty. IPhones of apple user or customer loyalty are the highest and many of my friends are having IPhone. IPhone 3G or 3Gs are now all the way using the IPhone4. More than 50% of iphone users are proficient, are playing a master machine. We cannot use enthusiasm level that we cannot use a simple word to describe it. A lot of people are late at night to queue overnight to just buy the IPhon. This is the charm of the IPhones and many people like iPhones and what will be many in the use of iPhone?

Data Method

For the data, we use the questionnaire to collect the data and distributed by random sampling. Our data a lot of came to our family and our friends. We were not kept their name, E-mail or their information to make our data. It is because they can’t ensure the reliability of the survey.

For questions, we were set in a quantities way. The subjects were just asked the Yes/No answer only so that we can collect the data we needed.

In this test, we make 80...
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