Research on Hijra Community

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Hijra community

We know a community is a group of people who work with one another building a sense of trust, care, and support. In Bangladesh Hijra community is a strong community, although they are the most neglected people in our society. Higras are the people who are neither male nor female. In our society they are not treated as human being but hijras claim that they are more capable than men or women. Because they are the combination of both male and female, they are capable of doing the work, which is preferable by men and women. Their demand from society is not so much; they just want to be treated as normal human being and the basic human needs.

The movie is a reflection of androgen’s life cycle. Androgens were look like men but dressed up like women. So that people teach them and never showed a minimum respect for them. There was one leader of their community who instructed others. One of the characters of this movie was “Shusmita”. Her parents left her to the hijra community because they think that it was very ashamed things for them that their child was hizra. Shusmita had a male friend named “Shonjoy” who was also betraying her. After that she felt that there was no meanings of her life for exist. Then she committed suicide. Another character of this film was “Babu”. The hizra community called her “Bably”. She always missed her family but if she came home she has been beaten by her brother. Here it is clear that people always keep negative impression about them no matter how hizra communities behave. They collect money from market to survive because societies people never give them work. The most painful part of the movie was people don’t want to entomb hizra with them. This movie focused that androgen people could never have the respect either mortal life or eternal life.

SUMMARY: 2 [LIVING ON THE EXTREME MARGIN SOCIAL EXCLUSION OF THE TRANSGENDER POPULATION (HIJRA) IN BANGLADESH] In childhood if a boy prefers to play with girls, wear female clothing, and household chores then the family members are not take it negatively. Gradually family members notice something goes wrong with their child. Family members felt uncomfortable when the society started to realize the feminine behavior of the boy and comment roughly. There are some families whom are left their child to maintain the social status. But some family kept them. The boy gradually grown up but he cannot change himself because he starts to discover himself that he neither boy nor a girl but a mix of both. He falls into identity crisis as they find feminine emotions trapped inside a manly body. They don’t treat as human because they don’t have any rights, like they cannot take part in the burial of their parents. Lots of situation like this force him to join a hijra community. Over there they find friends like them, so they don’t feel loneliness anymore, and the guru of the community became their parents. She named them newly like “Salam” become “Salma”. They get their livelihood and security with and through the community.

SUMMARY: 3 They swing between both sexes: hijras as "asexual others" There are two types of gender male and female, which are classified by our society. But there is another type called “Hijra” whom is clam that they are third gender. Hijra of Bangladesh defines them as human who are neither male nor female. They can be easily identified by their get-up, language and a very different style of clapping. They developed a distinctive lifestyle gradually. They formed as a community with strong sense of social solidarity. Hijra society of Bangladesh divided into several bands but there is a strong unity and coordination among them. Through every community have separate area, they often visit another community and they welcomed with warmly and greatly treated because hijra society is very hospitable. Hijras are mostly illiterate, jobless and homeless. They can barely...
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