Research on Effects of Texting to Students

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Chapter 3
Research methodology

Research Design

The researcher use this study to answer those questions and to obtain a good research in his

research topic. Also for her to obtain facts about the perception on pop texting of the BS-IR

students in MSU and their perceived benefits in pop texting.

The Respondents

The study use this for the target respondent were composed of the students BS-IR in MSU

specifically in king faisal center. They were selected through year level.

Data Gathering Procedure

The researcher will make a request letter for the faculty if she can conduct her survey and

questionnaire in his/her class. She will let the students answer those questions and if there is a

time then she can interview those other students.

Statistical Statement

The respondents has given a questionnaire to answer and the researcher will have a tally

sheet for the answers of the respondents and make a data to put it in a table form for the

statistical treatment. Percentage distribution ins going to obtained for the perception on pop

texting of BS-IR in MSU.

Chapter 4
Presentation, Analysis and interpretation of Data

This chapter presents the data gathered regarding the perception on pop texting of the BS international relations students and their ways of texting and how they affects their academic status and proceeds to the analysis and interpretation of said data.

How to interpret and analyze the data

PROBLEM 1: What are the ways of texting by students?

Table 1
Ways of texting by the respondents
Way of texting| F| %| R| Pop texting | 3| 7.5| 5| Complete spelling | 2| 5| 6| Short cutting of words| 16| 40| 1|...
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