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Creating Good Customer Relationship through Effective Customer Service: A Key to Greater Profitability to Merchandising Business
Excellent customer service – the daily, ongoing support of a company’s offerings – is critical in creating brand identity and ultimate success. Customer Service is the service provided in sustain somebody financially customer service most often includes answering questions, taking orders, dealing with transactions and relations, handling complaints and perhaps scheduling maintenance or repairs. (Bitner, 2003 p. 3) The quality of customer care can significantly impact brand identity for service, manufacturing, and consumer’s products companies. Because of its importance in creating impressions and sustaining customer relationships, customer service has sometimes been called the “front door” of the organization or its “face”. Customers are not only once. Yesterday’s fantastic service is today’s minimum standard and tomorrow’s disappointment. Those who wait for the customer to define the standard are forced into a defensive position. Sellers who anticipate their customers evolving demands can develop product enhancement, customer service, marketing and price strategies that meet customer’s needs without sacrificing profits.

Customer service is principally targeted towards the organizations, senior managers, chief executives, middle managers and front-line customer service staff who have barely begun to transform themselves into customer- thinking vehicles. Some importance about the need to define customers in a way which enables us to concentrate our efforts on satisfying the people who can help us survive and about what customers would like us to do, whatever business were in, whatever product we make, whatever service we provide. Many customer service efforts are managed in many companies. Customers, however, expect service to be as much a part of what they buy as design, quality, and price. Furthermore, the service is generally the most frequent and visible contact point between the seller and the client.This paper presents and illustrates how customer longevity has a direct and significant impact on profits as well as on a company’s ability to improve business practices over time. Creating a culture of customer preservation can lead to increased customer satisfaction. One factor that can make a business progressive, creating a good customer relationship through effective customer service is the effective way to ensure profit and sustainability of merchandising business.

In providing quality service to the customers it will ensure effectiveness of a business and thus it guarantees greater profitability. Once a business enterprise has effective customer service, customers will be loyal to them and more potential customers will be interested in their products and services thus a business will grow and its aim for greater profit will be attained. Greater Profitability is a blend of many elements, including understanding the customers’ needs, providing quality products or services designed to meet those needs, and following up to see that customers are satisfied. Furthermore, tight controls must be in place to keep production and distribution costs as low as possible, debt must be maintained a reasonable levels, accounts receivable should be vigorously pursued, and sales methods must match or be better than those of the competition (Harris, 1996, p.123).

No one will deny that the reason for being in business is to make profit. But if profits are the primary focus and customers are secondary, then the priorities are mixed up. Instead, the strategy should be designed to put customers first in the most efficiency way possible. If this simple concept is always maintained, then profits will flow. And, it is important that a business earn a profit so that it can remain capable of providing quality products or services and to achieve this goal or desired state we considered customer satisfaction...
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