Research on Effect of Tablet Pcs on Laptops

Topics: Tablet PC, Personal computer, Touchscreen Pages: 14 (4400 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Consumer perception towards Tablet PC and also to find that which factors consumer consider before purchasing of Tablet PCs

The 21st century is known as the most advanced century of man. With constant inventions & innovations the standard of living has improved to a huge extent. Development of new concepts in various fields has made our life easier & hassle free. The major innovations have taken place especially in the field of technology & computing. With the introduction of new computer products, coupled with very good marketing strategies, computers have become ubiquitous. With the advent of globalization, the entire world has now become a global integrated village. People meet & talk with people from other countries online. Businesses have explored newer territories which were never existent before & have been able to grow themselves by a huge margin by constantly catering to the needs of consumers from different countries. Globalization has made the constant usage of technology & especially computers a necessity. From luxury to necessity, computers have constantly evolved to provide something better in terms of the “WOW” experience. Right from the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator & Calculator) in 1946 which occupied 1800 sq.ft of space to the introduction of tablets which fit in one’s palm, Computers have transformed into a highly durable & portable device. With the introduction of laptops, computers actually became portable & accompanied the users on the go & provided them access to making business presentations, connectivity, gaming & constant entertainment. In keeping with the tradition of innovation, laptops then transformed into mini laptops which were even more portable to carry & work with. With constant re-engineering, the concept of an electronic slate or today popularly known as Tablet PC was introduced which has again taken the computer industry by storm.

3.1 Scope
The research has been undertaken only in the suburbs of Mumbai. It has focused majorly on students & on young working professionals who are the ones who require constant on-the-go computer usage. The data collection method used is primary data in the form of a questionnaire. The sample size taken is 180. The research undertaken is to study the preferences of consumers of this region with regards to tablet PCs. It will help in knowing the impact tablet PCs have had on consumers of laptops. Are people really interested in buying a tablet or is it just the hype that has caused a spur in the demand for tablet PCs. The study helps to know what are the features that have attracted consumers to purchase them & what are the deciding factors that augment their final decision to own a tablet PC. It has also revealed which of the tablet brands are popular among the youth (20-35 years). & finally will they replace laptops in the future. The study does not cover the impact tablets have had on desktops. It only considers the point of view of the final consumers & does not cover the opinions of retail outlets & tablet PC companies.

3.2 Objectives
Primary Objective:
To determine whether tablet PCs will replace laptops Supplementary Objectives:
1. To find whether consumers prefer Tablet PC over laptops 2. To find the deciding factors for purchase of Tablet PC

What is a Tablet PC?
A tablet personal computer (PC) is a cross between a laptop or notebook computer and a personal digital assistant (PDA). It's essentially a flat-panel portable computer. The user either taps on the screen with his or her finger or with a stylus, or he or she uses a stylus to write on the screen. A tablet PC can wirelessly connect to the Internet and other computers. The term "tablet PC" originally referred to a specific brand or...
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