Research on Consumer Behavior

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The topic of the research is ‘Customer Loyalty towards Fast Food Industry’. The introduction will discuss the background of study that is planned by researcher. This includes problem statement, objective of study, research question, research hypothesis, the theoretical framework and also scope of the study. This proposal consist the introduction part, the literature review and research methodology. Each of these chapters is explained in detail with the sub topic that discusses the essential procedures and steps in completing this study.

Customers are the purpose of what marketers. We very much depend on them. That is the main reason why organizations today are focusing on customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is actually the result of an organization creating a benefit for a customer so that they will maintain or increase their purchase from the organization.

Loyalty has become important over the past few years because of increased competition within respective industries. To be successful, organization must look into the needs and wants of their customers. That is the reason why many researchers and academicians have continuously emphasizes on the importance of customer loyalty and retention.

Building customer loyalty towards fast food industry or other business of four factors that is product quality, the important of relation between people that involve in management of the store and lastly are brand image of the product itself. (Kumar, Batista and Maull, 2011)

Fast food restaurants or outlets today are either kiosks or elaborate quick service restaurants. The franchise operations have generated restaurant chains that offer standardized meals across the globe. On account of a low capital requirement and popularity of fast food, fast food restaurants and drive-through outlets are common throughout the world. Also known as sit-ins and upscale kiosks, these restaurants cater to the dry food demands of the younger generation, extremely tight adult work schedule and distinct ambiance preferences across the globe.  An overview of the fast food industry highlights the availability of meals that suffice the need to eat amidst tight work schedule. This has offered great respite to parents who shuttle between work and home for major part of the day. Delicacies like fish and fries, vegetarian and non-vegetarian burgers and pizzas are washed down with great relish, with ales and aerated drinks served complimentary at many of these fast food restaurants. Though accompaniments like coleslaw, baked potatoes and mushy peas satisfy the established and widely accepted compulsion for vegetable-intake, the fried foods are becoming addictive, depriving the modern child of a balanced diet. There is no dearth with regards to the variety available at these outlets. Fast food franchise chains such as Subway, Burger King, McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut cater to demands for seafood, lean meat, special diet meal components, and other considerable regional variations. Snacks such as sandwiches and baguettes are the result of experiments within the fast food industry. Most clientèle indulge in the semi-dry and dry meals, to avoid interruption while working or to fulfill a family commitment that otherwise requires a considerable amount of time to be spent in the kitchen

1.1.1Fast food industry in Malaysia
In recent years, the major food consumption trend in urban parts of developing countries is that more consumers are eating increasingly more meals outside of their homes and most of growth in away from home eating has been in the fast food sector (Kaynak et al, 2006). The interest shown at the national and international levels concerning the fast food is derived from the scarcity of time in the competitive, dynamic and urban fast life (Platania and Donatella, 2003). According to Arkins and Bowler (2001),...
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