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  • Published : September 30, 2009
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2.1 The first product of Billabong
2.2 The practical approach and the first huge step of Billabong Gordan had a “no frills” practical approach for the manufacturing of the boardshorts which eventually paid off by the early 80’s achieving the primary objective of producing the highest quality of boardshorts in the market. During the late 80’s Billabong went international exporting to various countries such as California, Japan, New Zealand and Europe. This huge step made by Gordan had helped Billabong achieve the best helpers both in Australia and other countries, this helped Billabong to stay on a course that would bring Billabong to the peak of the surf wear industry. 2.3 The 21st century Billabong

SWOT 3.1 Strength
The original target for Billabong was for males aged 15 – 30 with a surfing lifestyle that live in coastal towns and cities that are close to the beach. However with the growing trend of surfing in Australia the Billabong market grew to include females and at a wider range of ages. Their products now expanded to meet the need of the skiing crowd, mainly people in need of equipments or apparel. Billabong also extended their clothing and accessories to provide the products for males and females ages ranging from children to adult from different ranges of occupations to income. *Summary of Billabong’s marketing approach

Billabong’s strength
Billabong uses sponsorship of events such as surfing competitions to attract the media’s attention giving the company a lot of exposure. They advertise through sports magazine however the difference of Billabong to other surf wear brands would be that they advertise by including the Billabong logo and an image, promoting the surfing lifestyle instead of focusing on specific products. Their product ranges to cater to different season such as spring, summer, autumn and winter. The products would also be classified to different designs for different seasons....
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