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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Violence in Video Games and how it affects the Behavior of Children and Teenagers Generally violent video games are given a bad reputation. Usually many of the video games containing significant amounts of violence are designed for mature audiences; however their popularity among teenagers and children is always on the rise. Video games have become insanely violent and graphic glorifying violence more than any movie and subject. Americans of all ages, including impressionable teenagers and children, are exposed to hours of visual hypnosis on a daily basis, and yet the industry has taken absolutely no responsibility for their role in promoting violence amongst the nation. Video games are not the only culprit, but they are a big one. Those against violent video games believe that children are becoming lazy, insubordinate and more prone to an unhealthy lifestyle from the playing of video games, violent games in particular. Two major effects are manifested in the majority of gamers who play violent video games. To begin with, users start to exhibit violent behavior which can manifest itself in their thoughts or physically. Lastly, desensitization, or the loss of proper response to violent images also lurk behind these games. The debate of whether or not video games should be banned presents various reasons including pros and cons. As of today there are no set laws or regulations for the selling of video games to a minor. But just because violent video gamers are sometimes associated with real life violence, does not necessarily mean violent games cause the unacceptable behavior of young children and teenagers. Currently in the news, those who are for the playing of video games, have valid reasoning. Over the years, scientist have found that even playing video games for a short period of time can improve the reaction of an individual and boost hand eye coordination. Those who regularly play video games have better vision than non-gamers in two aspects. According to...